Secret Agent Of Love

by stevie harris

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released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


stevie harris San Diego, California

Stevie Harris is a US based singer- songwriter. Born in Ohio and raised in California, Harris’ style incorporates elements of rock, rhythm and blues, and folk, paired with a soulful voice, and masterful stage presence.

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Track Name: peace gratitude and joy
peace gratitude and joy
i was born to a pimp and a good girl g/f#m7/e
I’ve seen the best and worse of both worlds
shown you die with your dreams
don’t give up on the things
that make you ,you


i was shown god in all things
and after death the soul remains
a composite of the love and battles
you been through
thats why you gotta listen
to what your soul says to you


we kill for all the differences we can’t ignore
hate to hold onto power and crude oil
even with the abundance this earth stores
like greedy children we want more

i ask my sister for help a/g/bm
ask a brother for a hand g/f#M7/E E9
cause were all in the family tree of man
on this blue marble we take a stand
help love take a stand
Track Name: secret agent of love
secret agent of love

Im the secret agent of love love love
i don’t care if anybody knows
don’t care if anybody knows x2

just for love i wish i could hide
but video won’t lie
just for peace i don’t wanna take sides
but these are complicated times
ground your revolution with love
for the babies and the ancestors
i grew up occupied by bloods and cuzz
guess the streets were training us


cause so many are ready to fight
thats why i cling to the light
there won’t be no ticker tape parades for the love we made
i come as a bridge for man
i come down to expand
like the dew on the burning sands
i come to cool the land

id like to give into my rage
but somebodies gotta count the cost
its a compassion brigade
but somebodies gotta feel the lost
feel the lost

Track Name: so easy to love
Hold me like your child
so easy to love x3 a/c gm7b5/f/Bb c/a

We all fear what we don’t understand
but we all come from baby to man
we all crawl a/c/g/Bb A/x2
fore we walk Bb/c
then we run

what are the walls that separate our band
color the resources of the land
powers brief
as the life of man


some people are sacrificial lambs
to pay for the sins of man
the long night
of this life
is through

none will know there home
fathers won’t know their sons
mothers go crazy
daughters only love their guns
oh the things
we suffer

the poor get angry D#m7/G#m7/bm7/e
the rich get scared
the middle just want to hold on to
what they think is theirs
slave wanna be free
rich wanna be king
to survive we need unity
were such fragile things
Track Name: we aint gotta burn the streets
we don’t need to burn the streets E/B/DBM7/A
pissing where our babies eat
we need an overwhelming piss
love allow and release

we don’t need to burn the streets
they say that I’m just naive
to think change can come without a gun
compassion is the solution

brother i feel ya E/A/D/E
scared angry and marginalized
i don’t even need to open my eyes
the black white and poor
we all wait at the same door
don’t want to wait no more


the 99 need to unify
cause the brother of my brother
is a brother of mine
seek a lasting peace
where every soul feels free
got to forgive if you want to live


revolution is a cookie you bite into
one crust of passion
one crust of spiritual truth
in the middle
lovers laugh and dreamers dream
daily workers handle everything

you say I’m everyday people F#9/D9/Db9/b9 D9
what power have i
you control your thoughts
you control your feelings
you control your vibe
secure those nearby

Track Name: I could love the south
this is a 4 horse town
every rider wanna burn it down
walking slowly “cross a killing floor
busted door knob on splintered door
bodies hanging in the bayhead
confederacy aint dead

i could love the south
the way i miss her mouth
i may never kiss again
i may never kiss again

mainly i walk around
apply for jobs and they turn me down
man without a job is better off dead
crown of bills wrapped roun my head
spent my life like a shooting star
know I’ll settle for parking cars

i could love the south
the way i miss her mouth
i may never kiss again
i may never kiss again

maybe if i had a job i could still be in her heart
maybe if i had 1 wish
i’d wish you see things as they is
cause we both fucked up we both bad luck
sometimes forever after mainly mud and muck

sometimes she’s nice
sometimes she’s cruel
sometimes I’m wise
sometimes the fool

i could love the south
the way i moss her mouth
i may never kiss again
i may never kiss again
Track Name: Caine & Abel
truth be told I’m way to old but i just want to kick it. emaj7/bmaj7/Dbmin7/Abmni7
divorced 2 times 2 kids of mine cross country can’t afford a ticket,
my mamas scared sisters silent brother bout gone crazy
spent my life a servant to art but most just think I’m lazy

the real deal has less appeal than kids that can be manipulated
sacrificed a life steal lie sew strife and i may never make it
say i don’t care fuck it and bare my soul for pennies on the table
put your blood on the win and hope your horse is able

chorus: like caine and abel
so strong and unstable
its a battle with self
a/b/Db9/Gb/ B/f#

others care about the war global warming dwindling oil
the bombers plight corrupt policemens might pull you over and bust a cap tonight
I’m broke but right lonely but light
one but secluded in a losers cave before the hegira flight

bridge: you’re your own worse enemy

i drink plutonium for breakfast fried plague and eggs
she’s an old whore puss of pous and regret
i run down her legs
psalms of connections covers the bowl with which i beg
heart is so dark vibration so low don’t kill yourself go back to bed
Track Name: Blues is Blues
bridge and tunnel planes and trains for you
bridge and tunnel planes and trains for you
left the city what i shouldn’t do
no matter where you go
blues is still blues
blues is still blues

my daddy packed his bag and never came back
my daddy packed his bag and never came back
swore id never do my child like that
then you grow up and life just attacks
no matter what you do
blues is still blues
blues is still blues

i loved a girl but she said my pockets where flat
i loved a girl but she said my pockets was flat
she say no man can hold her like that
so we just friends raise our kids and love may never come back
no matter what you choose
blues is still blues
blues is still blues