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Im Stevie harris and I'm a diverse artist.
singer songwriter-soul funk rock electrodance- painting -philosphy- fashion.
I've traveled around and met lots of friends,having a spot where they can keep track of me and my adventures seems cool.

Realistically your monthly subscription will allow me to continue creating things i hope bring value and humanity to the world. ultimately I feel art can make life worth while and transform sadness to happiness stuckness to motion, and i hope the art i create is part of that.

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also and not least of all my thanks and love for your love support and community.

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      oh yeah, did i mention the 3 albums you get free w... May 20, 2016
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      so many things in the works: 1.full length Circus ... May 20, 2016
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stevie harris
San Diego, California
Stevie Harris is a US based singer- songwriter. Born in Ohio and raised in California, Harris’ style incorporates elements of rock, rhythm and blues, and folk, paired with a soulful voice, and masterful stage presence.

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